How to use Kids Scooter

- 2022-08-04-

Kids Scooter is a sports tool that children can use to exercise flexibility, improve reaction speed and increase exercise volume. Today, let's talk to you about how to use Kids Scooter.
1. First place one foot on the front of the skateboard, and the other foot on the ground, and slide forward. Then, the other pedal is on the back of the skateboard. The left and right swing of the waist and two thighs makes the direction of the skateboard S-shaped.
2. Step on the front and back parts of the skateboard at the same time, and then instantly lean forward, using inertia to move and slide. Then, rely on the left and right swings of the waist and two thighs, and the left and right pedaling to make the skateboard advance in the S-shape.
3. When using the skateboard, try to avoid overloading or use, avoid using it in water and too much dusty environment, avoid collision, beating and stepping on it violently, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the skateboard.
4. Before use, be sure to let children use safety products, such as sports shoes, helmets, wrist guards, etc., and take safety measures to avoid unnecessary injuries.