How to connect the remote control of children's toy car?

- 2021-06-12-

A child's toy car can be replaced with a remote control if it is lost. The main control circuit box of an electric vehicle is opened to see the receiver IC model. Generally, the car will be pasted with the frequency label, which is generally pasted on the chassis. Find the model and match one according to the model. Of course, the wrong model is not possible. Generally, the commonly used frequency is 27.145, 35.145, 40.680, 49.860, and the most commonly used one is 27.145, 40.680.

1, if the remote control car can not move, the first need to judge is the remote control problem or the car itself, take a radio when judging, when operating the remote control, if the radio has a wheezing sound, that the remote control is good, then need to repair from the car itself.

2. Unscrew the battery cover screw on the back of the car with a screwdriver and save it. Remove the battery cover and see if there is a fixing screw.

3. Unscrew the four screws on the front of the car with a screwdriver, pay attention to save the screws, and be careful when taking the lid down to prevent the internal circuit from being broken.

4, take a look at the lines after disassembling, generally open welding of the power cord, ready for welding after finding.

5, if it is disconnected two lines, must distinguish the positive and negative poles of the power supply can be welded, otherwise easy to damage the circuit board. Place the broken wire in the open welding place of the circuit board and weld it with a hot electric soldering iron.

6, finally cover the lid, install all the screws, use the remote control to try before and after the function is normal.