To buy a toy car, you must first understand these 5 types

- 2021-09-03-

1. Twisted cars
Twisted cars seem to belong only to the family car series, but they are generally the car series that babies learn to drive safely in the first place. Generally speaking, the chassis of a twisted car is lower from the road, and the safety factor is therefore more assured. If a baby can sit on it, he can ride very well with both hands. Most babies are up and down one and a half years old. You can ride very skillfully.

2. Scooter
As the top contestant in residential communities, ecological parks, and large shopping malls, scooters can be described as a necessary category for children to go out at home. For children, it is easy to get started, and can slide up with a light kick. In addition, most children's scooters can be retractable, which is convenient to carry and does not occupy indoor space, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Bicycle
The shared bicycles that you can often see have made many big people who did not acquire the professional skills of cycling in college also start learning and training. Therefore, children's bicycles are also warmly welcomed by parents. To ride a bicycle, the baby’s upper and lower legs must be replaced with pedals, and the other two hands must also grasp the balance and the correct direction of the car body.

4. Electric balance bike
Many parents feel that this kind of small bicycle without pedals is really not worth mentioning. But in fact it is not. Because the electric balance bike can not only exercise the baby’s key physical energy and balanced work ability, but also exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability, improve the baby’s concentration, and help the baby build confidence and courage early. It can be said that there are many benefits. However, it is fully considered that the electric balance car has only 2 wheels, so the JOLLIBEE sliding toy car proposes to try again after the baby is two years old. In addition, the electric balance bike speeds up faster. Before each ride, you must wear a hat, sports knee pads, wrist pads and other knee pads to protect your baby's safety.

5. Children's tricycle

Whether in the city square of a residential area or a farmer’s market, you can often see the harmony of the family. Children's tricycles can be ridden, pushed, shaded, waterproof, and rainproof, retractable, have safety belts, and carry baskets. They are very versatile and are a necessary weapon for parents to go out for a baby.