How to fold common baby strollers on the market

- 2022-01-05-

When your baby is a little older, you can take him outside to breathe fresh air and bathe in warm sunshine. At this moment, you will realize the importance of the stroller. It is not a false name that it can be a "transportation tool" for babies. At least after you have it, your baby's travel will become more convenient, but the young father and mother need to master a skill, which is to know how to fold the stroller, because you will definitely experience this kind of operation.
With the development of strollers, many strollers pursue the convenience of folding with one button and one hand, while ignoring the safety performance of folding. The stroller chooses the secondary accident prevention system as much as possible, so that there will be no accidental folding injuries. To the baby.
In fact, the current baby stroller brands on the market are basically satisfied with this functional requirement. The stroller itself emphasizes safety and convenience, and meets the multi-dimensional requirements of comfort and functionality. Therefore, the stroller is folded after it is folded. , Must be able to be stored in the trunk of the car, which meets the needs of modern life. But in this way, how does the stroller fold?
You have to find the folding button on the push handle of the stroller, and then push it in the correct direction. This operation can make the stroller in a foldable state. This is the key meaning of the folding button. When it is not needed to fold, The existence of the folding button is to ensure that the stroller is in a stable state. When it needs to be folded, the folding button makes the stroller immediately enter the foldable mode, which plays a role of switching functions.
Secondly, after finding the folding button, start its folding mode, and then slowly apply force with both hands to fold the stroller in the correct direction. At present, many brands of baby strollers on the market have introduced a one-key folding function. In fact, the operations are the same, the key is the operation of the folding button. If you don't know how to fold the stroller, finding the folding button can be said to be more than half a success.
When you are slowly folding the stroller, you will find that the front wheel is also slowly retracting, and slowly approaching the rear wheel, and the whole body is gradually in the folded state, which shows your operation It is completely correct and you can continue the operation with confidence. When the folding is no longer possible, there is another operation that needs to be completed at this time, which is to lock the car hook on the folded body to prevent the body from displacing. After one operation step, it means that the folding operation of the stroller is completed.

There are also some precautions, that is, after you have mastered how to fold the stroller, you need to remember to check whether there is any debris in the stroller during the folding operation. If it is not cleaned up, it will cause the stroller to fail smoothly. Fold on the ground, and stay as far away from the baby as possible during the folding operation to avoid accidentally pinching the baby.