What factors determine the comfort of a stroller

- 2022-05-20-

Generally speaking, the comfort of the stroller is mainly determined by the following factors:
1. Shock-absorbing design: Shock-absorbing is a very, very important factor that affects comfort. A trolley with poor shock-absorbing ability pushes out the door, but you can feel it in minutes when you cross a speed bump or a bumpy road. To the feeling of "the whole car trembles", it is guaranteed that the baby will be restless in the car immediately. The baby's spine and brain are both in the developing period. Good shock absorption is not only comfortable, but also more conducive to the healthy development of the baby. Therefore, when buying a car, you must look at the shock absorption ability! Generally speaking, the shock absorption capacity is determined by the shock absorber spring, tire, and frame structure: generally, low-end strollers do not have shock springs, ordinary only have two wheels with springs, and high-end strollers have springs. All four wheels have springs.
Pneumatic tires for big wheels will have better shock absorption. Usually, big wheels have better shock absorption than small wheels, but the body of big wheels is generally heavier. Frame Construction: The reinforced "butterfly" shock-absorbing frame has good shock absorption. However, the weight of the body and the shock absorption capacity are sometimes incompatible. Some manufacturers excessively "reduce the weight" of the body, resulting in an overly simple body frame and insufficient thickness, which will inevitably lead to insufficient shock absorption capacity. Of course, some high-end cars will also add body shock springs, but they are rare.
2. Stroller width: The width of the body is a very important factor. With the increase of the baby's height and weight, the requirements for the body will become higher and higher, especially in winter, when a thick cotton coat is worn, the body will become wider. If the baby falls asleep and the body is too narrow, it will inevitably cause the baby to squeeze in the body, which will be uncomfortable.
Therefore, width is also an important factor to pay attention to. Generally speaking, a car width of about 40CM is enough to provide a more comfortable space for activities.
3. Backrest design: The material of the backrest and the adjustment ability of the backrest also affect the comfort of the baby to a certain extent. A firm backrest can provide strong support for the baby's back and protect the baby's spine, which is necessary.
It is best not to choose an umbrella car without a back like this, especially for small-month-old babies.
The mainstream configuration of the back panel is that the back panel can be adjusted in 3 gears, which can be reclined or seated. It would be even better if the footrests of the car could also be adjusted in angle.
5. Height: High landscape design can reduce the inhalation of car exhaust, and the baby's line of sight is also better, which is also a factor that can be considered.

6. Shading: The awning is preferably multi-angle adjustment, which can meet the needs of shading and rain in different weather and different postures. Because the baby often sits forward instead of leaning back on the back of the chair, and when the sun angle is low, if the awning is short, the baby will not be covered, so try to choose the awning with a large shielding range. of.